What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?


FREDERICK, MD – Which Thanksgiving side dish is the best? A question that has been debated among family and friends since the beginning of time.

Breaking down Google Trends and search, Zippia.com has compiled the data to show which dish is the most popular every year listed state by state.

Here in Maryland, Mac-n-Cheese is the clear cut winner, a Thanksgiving Day staple that is a must for many homes, but mashed potatoes are the overall favorite among states across the country.

In fact, 1/5th of the country have mashed potatoes as their favorite Thanksgiving dish and mac n' cheese coming in at a very close 2nd, Yummm!

Looking at data from this time last year (November 2019) to determine what everyone is cooking on Thanksgiving by state. Traffic for most Thanksgiving sides skyrockets on Thanksgiving day. So, when you’re googling “how to make mashed potatoes," the majority of Americans are too.




With the data collected from Google Trends and searches, we determined which Thanksgiving side dish is among the most popular by each state across the country. Examining over 20 Thanksgiving classics, we're able to determine which side dish is searched an unusually high amount.



  • Mashed potatoes are the favorite side dish in 10 states.
  • Mac-N-Cheese comes in second, with 7 states claiming it as their favorite side dish.
  • While most states are reaching for the carbs, Maine is all about that side salad.
  • The south isn’t a casserole belt, but the Midwest can’t get enough, especially green bean casserole.
  • Alabama doesn’t eat stuffing; they like “dressing,” AKA southern people stuffing.
  • Only New Hampshire is a big fan of cranberry sauce.
  • Biscuits. Rolls. Crescent rolls. Forget fancy sides; toss some rolls in the oven.
  • 47 states want their sides carby, cheesy, potato-y, and delicious. Only 3 are reaching for veggies more.

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