As the homeowner, you have the option to complete repairs or do a full roof replacement on your own. But you can always contact a professional team if you need help just as well. Homeowners should think carefully about what they're doing in any case. The main rule of thumb here is to work with the replacement on your own if you have enough expertise and if the situation is minor, but a professional team is best if the process might be more extensive or too much to handle on your own.

If you decide to hire a professional roofing company like Robey Roofing, please read over these pages on how to select a good contractor read more.

Do It Yourself -


  1. Is it a simple fix? Such as applying some sealant over a small leak, you can replace parts of your roof if you notice any slight leaks. These include spots where water is dripping in a small space. It's a quick fix until you can contact a professional to schedule to check out the issue.
  2. Replacing individual loose shingles is fine to do on your own. You can do this if there is just a small patch of shingles that need to be replaced.
  3. How big is the repair? If it's a small section of the roof, think about how well you understand the roof replacement process. You can always work with this on your own if you have the materials and proper tools needed.
  4. Take note of how the shingles around your roof are laid out and if they are shedding their materials. A full inspection of your gutters might be required at this point. This would require extra effort and might require you to remove and replace your gutters if necessary.
  5. Replacements work on your own if you have not added any layers to your roof and your roof is also less than fifteen years of age. Just remember to check with your local homeowner’s association to see if you can get a new layer added without having to contact a professional.
  1. It's dangerous! Falling off of a roof has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills, or even your life!
  2. Stop! If you don't know what you're doing, you can turn a small problem into a much larger issue - a small leak can turn into a structural issue if it isn't properly repaired.
  3. You could cost yourself a lot of extra money by making small mistakes. Ensure you're purchasing the correct type of materials (shingles and nails), properly nailing the shingles in the provided space on the shingles, and most importantly you properly flash around all exterior objects (Fireplaces, skylights, and exhaust boots.)
  4. You have the chance to embarrass yourself in front of your wife or good-looking neighbor when doing it yourself doesn't exactly go the way you expected it to.

Hiring a Professional  -


  1. Peace of mind knowing your two feet stay safely on the ground, no getting up on your roof.
  2. When you hire a professional, you have the reassurance that the work is 100% complete and correct.
  3. A true roofing professional will offer you a free inspection so you know exactly what’s happening with your roof, why it needs to be fixed, and how much it will cost. This allows you to know if there’s anything else going on with your roof that you need to know about.
  4. When you hire a professional, you are eligible for the manufacturer's warranty, such as the GAF Golden Pledge Lifetime Warranty, if it is installed by a certified professional. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.
  5. If the roofing company does something wrong, they will be able to fix it for you without the worry of having to pay for it!
  6. Your wife or good-looking neighbor will look at your perfect new roof and be impressed.
  1.  If it’s a simple task, it might cost more to have a professional do it than to just fix it yourself. The added cost won’t always outweigh the benefits.
  2. There’s also the hassle of making sure you can get a professional out to your home when it’s convenient for you, both when they do the inspection, and later when they come back to finish the repairs.
  3. Finally, if you have a repair you need to do right away, you might have to wait to get a trusted professional to do it.

Which is the BEST option for you?

That all depends on your skills, tools, and the severity of the issue. It is fine to get a replacement task handled on your own if it is rather minor, but it would be better to contact a professional like Robey Roofing if the task is extensive and might take weeks at a time just to get it finished completely.

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