New Year! New Roof!


2020 is finally over and it's on to 2021! - so it's time for a new you, right? We've all made past resolutions to work out more, eat healthier, use our phones less, and make new memories. But, we all know those resolutions don't last the whole year. What if you could make one resolution that will last 30+ years? Wait, what? That's right, make a resolution this year for your roof! Your home is one of the biggest investments that you've made and taking good care of it should be a priority this year and every year. Robey Roofing offers you three resolutions that you can make (and keep) to keep your roof in shape and your home looking for years to come.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for your Roof

1. Regular Inspection.

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your roof in good shape is to have it inspected annually. Now, you can do this yourself by checking your roof from the ground and looking for any damage; like broken or missing shingles. But, not all damage is visible to the untrained eye so having a professional roofing company such as Robey Roofing come out at least once per year to catch the things you cannot see and nip them in the bud to prevent costly repairs down the road is vital for the longevity of your homes roof.



2. Keep It Clean.

Besides having it look great all year long, cleaning your roof and the components of your home that come in contact with it is vital to its overall longevity. Things you can do safely to keep your roof clean are keeping trees near your home trimmed back, cleaning out your gutters, and removing any buildup of leaves on your roof. Anything more than that, we suggest giving us a call for a cleaning and an inspection (Piles of leaves on a roof can signs that there is potential damage.)

3. Repair Now.

After you complete your inspection and you've noticed areas of your roof such as a missing shingle or damaged flashing, get the concern fixed immediately. Catching these issues in their early stages will help save money in the long run and could put off a roof replacement or costly repairs down the road. Leaving these "minor" issues could mean "major" leaks or worse, access into your home for any unwanted pests.


While you're working on your personal health and resolutions for 2021, let's not forget about the health of your home, with these three simple home resolutions you can ensure your home has a great and safe 2021. And add one more resolution to your list; to use a professional roofing company when making repairs or full replacements of your roof. Contact Robey Roofing today at (443) 528-6960 for all your roofing needs in 2021!



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