The Benefits of Starter Strip Shingles


Some roofing contractors think that hand-cutting traditional 3-tab shingles may seem cheaper, quicker, or easier than using a starter strip shingle provided by most top asphalt shingle manufacturers so they skip a step and avoid using pre-perforated starter strip shingles. They're not wrong for doing so but, they are far from right. In actuality, when roofing contractors use pre-perforated starter strips, it helps a significant amount of time and effort.

If your crew is still wasting time cutting by hand, take the time and read below why you should consider making the switch to pre-perforated starter strips.

The Benefits for Roofers using Starter Strip Shingles.

As a roofer, when you use pre-perforated starter strips, you're offering an easy, fast, and convenient solution for obtaining that clean look at the eave and rake areas of the roof that all homeowners want and will pay top dollar for. Check out some of the benefits roofers gain when they decided to use starter strip shingles on the homes of their customers.

Properly-positioned Adhesive

The pre-applied adhesive reduces the risk of shingle blow-off. Shingle manufacture, GAF, provides roofers with Pro-Start® Eave/Rake Starter Strip Shingles which has a factory-applied Dura Grip™ Adhesive applied to the backside of the shingle to help secure the roof edges at the eaves and rakes.

Increased Coverage

Using starter strips offer you more coverage per bundle than hand-cutting standard 3-tab shingles. Most starter strip shingles offered by the top asphalt shingle manufactures have about a 50% increase in coverage area per bundle than a standard 3-tab bundle. Plus, there's no cutting required for most English- and metric-sized shingles, thanks to manufactures offering a pre-perforated option.

Reduced Waste

With pre-perforated starter strips, you eliminate the time-consuming hand cuts. Removing the need for all those cuts, you're significantly reducing total install time and the amount of scrap waste created. Plus, at the end of the job, there is less material to load and handle on the roof. Saving labor time saves money. 

Superior Wind Resistance

Using starter strip shingles when doing a roof replacement will reduce the risk of having shingles blown-off high winds at the eave and rake edges of your roof. Top asphalt shingle manufacturers that offer starter strips, apply a powerful adhesive to the underside of all the shingles, ensuring the starter strips will stay put during high winds. 

Cleaner & Better Looking

Using starter strips on the eaves and rakes helps create the clean, straight edge that's difficult to achieve with hand-cut 3-tabs. Aesthetically pleasing roofs are good for your customer and good for your roofing reputation.


The Benefits for the Homeowner.

The roofers aren't the only ones that benefit from Stater Strip Shingles, homeowners also win when they go with starter strips. By requesting products like those in the product lines provided by the top Asphalt Shingle manufacturers when installing a roofing system, homeowners can receive the following benefits:

Enhanced Warranty Coverages.

When you install starter strip shingles on a customer's home, you're opening up the opportunity for them to eligible for enhanced wind warranty coverages provided by most asphalt shingle manufacturers. For example; homeowners who have GAF Starter Strip Shingles installed are covered up to the Maximum Wind Speed listed in the applicable Limited Warranty. *If installed using the required number of nails (depending on shingle type) and with starter strip shingles at eaves and rakes.

Reduced Waste

The pre-perforated design of starter strip shingles means less scrap is created, less scrap means less clean-up required around your property, less clean up means that a job can be completed quicker and the homeowner's property is kept tidy. 

Increased Curb Appeal

Starter strips at the eaves (and rakes) give homeowners that polished, straightedge look that can increase their home's curb appeal. Plus, when using a manufacturer's starter strips along with their line of asphalt shingles you're providing the homeowner a seamless complementary color for their whole roof. 

Starter Strips with Architectural Shingles?

Whenever you're installing architectural shingles, pre-perforated starter strips are a great choice. Besides their enhanced grip, they're easy to install and provide that clean look every homeowner is looking for.

Not just easy and efficient to install,  pre-cut starter strips play an important role in the wind-resistance of architectural shingles on the overall roof. Their high-quality and properly positioned adhesive helps lock down shingles at the eave and rake edges of the roof.

Who doesn't want a product that is quick, easy, and effective? Pre-cut starter strips can help fast-track your roofing business toward success.

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