How Do Roof Insurance Claims Work?

When it comes to residential roof insurance claims, homeowners can be left feeling confused and stressed. So, our experts laid out a comprehensive guide to help explain to homeowners how a roof insurance claim works:

  1. Do Your Due Diligence
  2. Speak With A Contractor
  3. Time To Make A Claim
  4. Have Roof Replaced
  5. Insurance Claim FAQs

Homeowners must be proactive in the care and upkeep of their home; having yearly roof inspections can increase their life expectancy by up to 18%. Significantly before anticipated storms or unexpected roof damage, a quick visual check for lifted or missing shingles, cracks, or missing granules can limit possible damage in the future. Finding granules in the gutters or on the ground is a clear sign that homeowners need a roof inspection by a professional. Wait too long, and you risk water spots both on the interior and exterior of your home. 

After any severe weather, the first thing a homeowner should do is perform an inspection of their roof. Making sure they document the condition with photos and/or videos. Helping homeowners prepare for when it’s time to talk with their insurance provider for a claim.

Always check your insurance policy. Homeowners need to know the critical points of their homeowners’ insurance: What’s covered and not covered, their deductible, and their coverage limits. Learning this information will help all homeowners in the long run.

Homeowners need to contact a licensed professional in their area like Robey Roofing immediately after any severe weather that has caused damage to their roof. We provide free roof inspections along with a complete estimate for a roof replacement down to the plywood. Homeowners want to ensure the roofing contractor they select for their project is licensed, insured, and experienced! 

Homeowners who take the proper measures will limit additional risk or costly damage later on down the road. 

By choosing a quality roofing contractor like Robey Roofing, homeowners will receive reliable assistance and advice to lean on during their roof replacement process. An advocate for the best solution for any homeowner. That’s why at Robey Roofing, we provide all homeowners with a complete and accurate estimate of all costs, the amount of time to complete the job, and full transparency of the whole process.

Homeowners will want to wait to contact their insurance provider until they have had a contractor like Robey Rooking comes out to evaluate their roof and the damage done. The homeowners’ insurance will then appoint a claims adjuster to inspect the damage and provide the homeowner with an estimate of what their insurance will cover. 

It’s vital for homeowners that both their insurance agent and the roofing contractor are on-site during the evaluation process. The roofing professional will know firsthand the damage on their roof, which ensures the insurance adjuster covers all the damage done and provides a fair price to cover all costs. Having the contractor there gives them the chance to catch any errors made by the adjuster quickly. Still, damage can be missed or realized during the replacement process. If this happens, the contractor can submit these forgotten “code items” later as supplementals to the homeowners’ insurance.

It may take a few days but, once the homeowners’ insurance company approves the work, it’s time to have their roof replaced. Any homeowner who needs a roof replacement, we remind them to only work with licensed, insured, and skilled roofing contractors; this ensures their investment will last and is protected.

Our experts have listed some of the most commonly asked questions homeowners have when it comes to Roofing Insurance Claims: 

  • Depreciation and why it’s on my insurance claim?
    Depreciation is the amount of money held back by the homeowners’ insurance company. It’s per item and not on the total claim amount. Based on the amount of time (life expectancy) that the damaged item has left. 

    • EXAMPLE: If an item is worth $100 brand new and there is 10% of its life expectancy left, the insurance carrier would pay you 10% of that item’s original price ($10) and hold back 90% ($90).

      In most homeowners’ policies, once the work has been completed and the homeowner submits all the documents, the deprecation can be recovered.  Continue reading the difference between RCV vs. ACV below to understand if you can recover your depreciation is?

  • Why is it essential to inspect my roof after a major storm or another event?
    A routine inspection of your roof is vital; spotting damage from hail or high winds after a storm can help prevent higher costs down the road. Also, most insurance companies only give homeowners 12 months to file a claim after any suspected damage done to their roof, so be vigilant to catch any damage early, mostly hail damage, which leaves small imperfections on your roof that can worsen over time. Leaks from storm damage don’t occur immediately, but a roof exposed to the elements will eventually leak. Don’t hesitate.

  • RCV vs. ACV? What are the differences?
    There are two different ways insurance coverages evaluate how much a homeowner will receive for their roof. The traditional type of coverage is Replacement Cost Value (RCV), where the insurer will pay full cost minus the homeowners deductible. And the Actual Cash Value (ACV), which factors in the age of the homeowners’ roof and the more common option for homeowners living in states with high wind and hailstorms. The homeowner will receive the full cost of the roof replacement minus their deductible and deprecation. 

  • What is not covered in most roof insurance policies?
    • Wear and tear due to old age
    • Damage due to a neglected maintenance issue
    • Wind and hail exclusions on some policies
    • Damage caused when it’s not immediately taken care of after a severe storm

Homeowners should remember, a roof insurance claim can be lengthy and involve a lot of follow-up, documentation, and research. Working with an experienced roofing contractor will save time, stress, and money.

We offer a superior experience for all homeowners needing a roofing replacement at Robey Roofing, providing accurate and transparent roof inspections paired with quality service. So, if you require a roof replacement due to damage and submit a claim, trust us and know you’re in the best hands. Contact us today and let us do the heavy work.

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