How Snow and Ice Can Impact Your Roof


If you haven't noticed, it's winter and that means it's the time of year where snow and ice can become a daily occurrence. Snow and ice are burdensome enough as it is, leaving your roof to get hit the hardest. Causing damage to your roof which can result in serious issues for your home–so be aware! Take a look at ways that the snow and ice can negatively impact your roof:


Just like yourself, your roof can experience stress. Especially during the frigid winter, your roof can suffer from the heavyweight of snow and ice which can cause a lot of stress to its supports.

Resulting in a possible cave-in due to the accumulation of the snowfall. Naturally, rainwater will flow to the lowest point of your roof, though once the temperature drops below freezing, this can form large ice blocks. As these large ice blocks increase with weight, the stress of the roof increases also posing a higher risk of cave-ins.


Ice Dams

When large amounts of ice begin to accumulate on your roof, it forms what is called an "ice dam." This is the result of the ice and snow melting, flowing down the roof, and freezing right at the edge of your roof. If you notice ice dams forming along the edge of your roof, it can cause major gutter damage and may even tear the flashing off the roof.

Freeze and Thaw

As a result of the accumulation of snow and ice, cracks can become present. Water will find these cracks and begin to seep into them, even the tiniest cracks, this can pose a major problem for your roof. This won't just cause leaks into your home, but the cracks can become much more prominent. Once there is a crack in your roof, any water will being to seep in, and a leak can be caused.

But, if the water doesn’t begin to leak and it freezes, the crack will expand allowing even more water to seep in. Remember, even the smallest cracks can expand, resulting in more of your shingles moving, and resulting in even more leaks. Don't hesitate, stop any leaks as soon as you know it's there.


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