It’s that time of year when schools have started, temperatures are getting a bit cooler, summer is coming to an end, and that means that fall is just around the corner. Before you know it, the leaves will start changing and being to cover your home and lawn. But, before that happens, it is essential to ensure that you give your roof the proper care and preparation it needs to protect your home and family throughout the winter season without issue. To assist homeowners in this task, our team of roofing experts has taken the time to put together a shortlist highlighting simple things any homeowner can do to help prepare their roof for the fall season. With these tips in hand, homeowners can go into the fall confident their home will be protected until the end of the year without incident.


Like leaves and much other organic debris that falls onto your roof, it will eventually end up in your gutters; it’s essential to make sure that any organic debris that doesn’t make it into your gutters is removed before more continues to pile up this fall. The smallest amount of organic debris collections can retain moisture, resulting in mold and mildew growing. Once these growths start to spread to your roof, they can cause a severe amount of damage to your shingles and roof underlayment as a whole over time. Our roofing experts suggest homeowners take the time now, before fall begins in earnest, to get up on their roof, or to have a professional do so, and remove any and all lingering debris from this summer.



Most homeowners don’t think about the gutters on their home, but they play an essential part in a roof’s overall health and longevity by helping protect and direct rain runoff away from the home’s siding, windows, doors, and foundation. So, when homeowners allow their gutters to become clogged with leaves and any other debris, their gutters can’t correctly channel rain runoff, allowing the water to seep under their roof shingles or begin to cascade off their roof before entering the roofs gutters, where it can begin to erode the ground around their home’s foundation. Neither of these options is ideal and can lead to a number of serious issues if not dealt with in a timely fashion. Don’t wait for the leaves to start to fall, break out the ladder, and clean out your gutters thoroughly, or hire a professional to do it. Being proactive in this department will help keep your gutters flowing a river to the sea and avoid unnecessary issues when it rains.



After months of hot summer days, it’s not uncommon for Asphalt Shingles to crack, swell, or shift a bit due to the summer heat absorption. This isn’t much to worry about during the summer months because the materials will tend to shrink back down a bit, but as it begins to get it colder outside, this shrinkage could lead to areas of your roof that need to be addressed. Contacting a professional like Robey Roofing for a Free Inspection before the fall season arrives is essential to spotting roof concerns early, getting a thorough evaluation of what will be required to fix them to ensure the longevity of your roof.




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