Pair the colors of your home to achieve visual joy:

With your roof accounting for over 40% of your home’s exterior appearance, choosing the right color is essential to getting that perfect curb appeal look.

If you’re looking to sell your home, or it’s your forever home, choosing a color that enhances the curb appeal can have remarkable outcomes in your home’s lifespan.

Robey Roofing experts have comprised a quick guide to help any homeowner determine the perfect color for their roof.

Base Color

  • Your home’s exterior will either be brick, siding, stucco, or any other type of material- this is going to be the primary color of your home, and it will set the tone. Starting with this color will help determine a broader range of colors to choose from. Check out the quick guide below to get started on the right path.
  • A simple tip that can help determine the right color is to start with contrasting colors. You want to steer away from matching the color of your roof exactly with the color of your home; while the two colors will match, your home will lack depth, with no distinction between your roof and the exterior of your home, and it will have no curb appeal at all. If you still want to match colors, we suggest choosing a darker shade than your exterior, to give your home the character it deserves.

2. Style Patterns

  • Something to take note of, there are multiple styles of shingle colors. Some shingles will use the same color tone throughout the entire roof, others will use a blend of multiple color shades to create a multi-colored roof.

Take a look at this home. The homeowners did a great job pairing the red color from their brick’s color palette with a darker shade of red that emphasizes the brick’s multiple colors and not clashing with them.

  • Shingle patterns are fun to work with, remember you want to go with what will look best for your home. Lean away from using a multi-color shingle for your roof if your home’s exterior materials are multi-colored. (Ex: Multi-color shingles on a brick exterior that is already multi-colored.)
  • Stick with solid colors for homes with multiple color exteriors but, if your home’s exterior is on the simpler side like siding or stucco, have fun with your roof, pick a great multi-colored shingle that will help emphasize the exterior of your home.

This color select is OK for the home, but with the shutters being darker and their brick having a dark color in the mix, the homeowner should have selected a more solid gray/black tone, fitting the look of this home more appropriately.


3. It’s in the Details (Trim & Shutters)

The color of your shutters and Trim should be taken into consideration when you’re selecting a shingle color.

Typically, the trim of a home is in the shade of white, cream, or even stained wood. But, nowadays, trim can be an array of colors. So, even though your trim is a small part of your home’s exterior, it can completely change the look of your roof. (Ex: Your home has brown wooden trim, you selected a shingle with a greyish tone, some of the shingles have just enough brown in them that they pull that brownish color from your trim and now your roof has a more brown/tan look other than that grey look you wanted.)

Check out this home, it has a brick exterior with a uniformed color that is perfectly paired with medium/dark grey shingles. Both the homes trim and shutters even more now because of the complementary greys between the roof and shutters. These color combinations work great together to pull off a perfect look for any home.

4. Shingle Style

Just like people, our homes have their own styles and when replacing your roof, you want to consider your home style. Should you keep that traditional aesthetic, or do you want to go in a different direction? Either way, before making that choice, be sure you are confident with the look, it’ll be on your home for the next 30+ years.

The style may not help too much with the color selection, but knowing which style you want will definitely help narrow down the type of shingles which narrow the color choices down.

If your home is on the list below, you’ll want to use the material listed so that your home stays true to its origin:

  • Cape Cod Homes: shingle
  • Tudor-Style Houses: slate
  • Mediterranean: tile
  • Contemporary: flat roofs
  • Mid-Century Modern: shingle

See this home, there is no contrast between home and roof, the entire home blends together because of the brown on brown color selections. Yes, the colors do “match”, in a sense, the home’s curb appeal doesn’t increase. A darker color for the roof would have given this home the character it wants and deserves.


5. Regulations & HOAs

  • Love em or hate em, neighborhoods all over the U.S. have HOAs that will tell you how tall to cut your grass, which Christmas lights are allowed, and how your flower beds should look. So don’t be surprised that there could also be regulations for the color or style of your roof.
  • Before you fall in love with your roofing material selection, speak with your HOA, and ensure that it is permitted for use. This is a quick and easy thing to do as soon as you know you’re in the market for a roof replacement.

This home is another example of an OK color tone, the dark grey shingles look great but because the home’s brick exterior is multi-colored the homeowners should have gone with a solid gray selection. The use of multi-color shingles takes away from the home’s overall aesthetics of the home.

6. Be Kind to Your Neighbors

  • If you’re like me you live in a subdivision, a row of townhomes, or in a neighborhood with homes close enough together that you don’t want to make a color selection that will have your home sticking out like a sore thumb. You can be different, just be considerate.
  • Take a stroll down your street and take note of the colors of the roofs, compare those with the colors you have selected for your new roof. Some colors go great together, while others may stand out in an unappealing way that you want to avoid for your new roof.

This is another example of a home where the roof and exterior are too similar in color and they blend together. Had the homeowner chosen a darker shade of grey color from the siding, it would have created a very appealing contrast to the home.


7. Single or Multiple Story

  • Finally, you will want to consider the spread out of your home. Single-story homes are short, adding a dark color roof will make it appear shorter and drab. Adding a lighter color though will give a single-story home the appearance of extending the roof and making the home look taller and more profound.
  • Multiple story homes can handle the bold look of a darker roof, it will enhance the look of the home and it won’t get swallowed up by the grandeur of it.

The homeowner selected and installed a great shingle that matches in color tones but is multiple shades darker than their exterior. The multi-colored shingles give the home a great look that isn’t overwhelming due to the uniform, neutral color of the siding.

How to Visualize your Roof Color:

Choosing a shingle color for your home can be a daunting task for some, we hope that we have helped you consider all of the factors and made the choice a bit easier. And now that you have narrowed your choice down on the color wheel, there is still the decision of which manufacturer to go with. For example, if you chose a dark gray roof, you now need to determine which gray shingle you prefer from Atlas, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, etc.

Still, feel overwhelmed? Contact an expert at Robey Roofing to consult with, view color samples, and answer any questions you may have.

Extra, below are links to manufacturers that give you the ability to upload a photo(s) of your home to their site, allowing you to virtually see the different styles and color selections for your roof. It is only 3D rendering, and may not be perfect, but it does a great job of previewing the different colors and styles on your home before seeing them in person through a sample.

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