Rodents, Birds, and Squirrels. Oh! My. Pests can cause damage that can require extensive roof repairs. And unlike damage caused by a storm, most insurance companies won’t cover pest damage. Unfortunately, Maryland & Pennsylvania areas are prime areas for many different types of pests that like to take up residence on our roofs.  Causing both interior and exterior damage. Here are some common issues you may find while doing regular maintenance inspections of your home and roof. 

Exterior Damage

Many pests can damage the exterior of homes, some preventable, and some not. One thing that is virtually impossible to prevent is bird droppings. It’s highly acidic and, if left alone, can begin to eat away at your shingles and tile roofing. Now even though you can’t prevent birds from landing on your roof or choose where they do their business, you can prevent further damage to your roof with routine checkups and cleanings.

Then there are the dreaded flying insects that like building nests under your roof’s edge, compromising the durability of your soffit and limiting your roof’s ventilation. If you don’t take preventable measures and allow the nests to grow, they can become large enough that they begin to crack or dent your soffit, allowing the pests access into your home, resulting to even more problems.


Interior Damage

If exterior damage is left alone and not taken care of, it can lead to more serious issues on the interior of your home. Once a hole is made in your roof, soffit, or fascia, pests take that as a sign of “Welcome,” and they will move right in, inviting more creatures and pests to join them like roof rats and bats. Rodents are known to eat anything they find, including your homes insulation and electrical wires. This can result in two serious problems, they can be electrocuted, which leaves you with a dead animal in your attic, and the exposed wires can lead to sparking and possibly a house fire. A single bat in your attic isn’t a cause for concern right away, but it can lead to many more. Although bats will eat thousands of insects, they also carry diseases, so doing routine checkups and maintaining your roofing system can limit these issues and keep your home protected for years.

We all know about termites and the damage they can cause to a home. Waiting too long to address termite damage can lead to a complete roof replacement and or structural repair. Causing you to dip into your savings and spend thousands on repairs.

All in all, don’t let your roof sustain damage from pests. Contact your local roofing contractor for regular roofing inspections, maintenance, and or repair. If you are searching for a local roofing contractor, you can trust, call Robey Roofing. We’ve been servicing the Maryland and Pennsylvania regions for over 30 years. Contact us today or fill out our contact form and receive a call from one of our roofing experts in little as 24 hours. 

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