That time is now; the fall season is the ideal time to get a new roof installed on your home. Why? Because this is the time when you’re not dealing with summer storms or winter freezes. Fall weather offers the best climates for installing roofs, plus it also allows homeowners to prepare for the wintry weather ahead. Since this is a busy time for roofing contractors, homeowners will want to make their roofing replacement decision should do it soon (September - November.)


The Lifespan

Intense rainfall, hurricanes, and high winds during the summer can impact your roof’s overall health, especially if your home’s roof is more than 13 years old. Nowadays, the leading asphalt shingle manufacturers offer homeowners various looks and colors for the perfect style that will look great on their home and protect for a lifetime.


When to Get a Roof Inspection

Robey Roofing believes it’s vital for all homeowners to have their roof inspected at the end of the summer into the fall season and immediately after any severe storm has hit their area. And it’s imperative that homeowners deal with any roofing issues found as quickly as possible. A small issue today can lead to a massive problem later down the road.


Cool Temperatures

Fall roof replacements are also ideal because of the cooler temperatures, often overlooked; the cooler temps help the seal strips on the shingles melt and seal with a tight bond necessary for the thermal sealing. This bond between the shingles forms an airtight moisture-resistant barrier to protect your home against the upcoming cold winter months and secure them in place for any heavy wind.


Hand-Nailing Technique

The more the seasons change from fall into winter, the colder temperatures get, making asphalt shingles more brittle and harder to work with. Per the manufactures' guidelines regarding colder temperatures, Robey Roofing will not install asphalt shingles in any weather below 30°. When Robey Roofing installs asphalt shingles during winter temperatures, we will use a 'Hand-Nailing Technique' rather than a roofing gun. Hand-Nailing is a more advanced technique that requires more time to complete the replacement. We suggest getting a roof replacement before it gets too cold. 


Don’t Wait

As a homeowner, if you wait until a winter storm to hit before they decide to fix the small leaks on your roof, it’s already too late. Besides the blisteringly cold wind that can rip off roof shingles, winter storms bring heavy snowfall and ice dams, all of which can do extensive damage to the roof of a home individually. Get all three at once, and that’s a recipe for disaster. Yeah, you can probably save some money getting a roof replacement during the off-season (December - March) but, is your homes’ roof something you want to skimp on quality to save a few bucks? We didn't think so. 


Saving the best for last, savings! Homeowners who made the wise decision and have their roof replacement scheduled during the fall season will save on their upcoming heating bills while staying cozy throughout the wintry months. HVAC in the attic? A new roof will help ensure your HVAC runs at a more efficient performance. And don’t throw out those receipts! You may have tax credits available to you now for having a more energy-efficient home. 




Contact Robey Roofing for roof installation or roof replacement. We help Maryland & Pennsylvania residents protect their homes for the winter months.

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